Hamsa has created an edible to fill a large gap in the market - that of a product that has been specially crafted for the large Jewish population - a fully Kosher Certified edible!
We work hand-in-hand with our selected dispensary partners to promote the availability of Hamsa edibles to the targeted population near your dispensary. We know this will bring in new customers and boost your overall sales.
And because Hamsa has the cannabis infused with nano technology, there is a quick onset and no harsh cannabis taste or smell, giving these customers (and others) a wonderful first experience on your behalf.
Our edibles will appeal to other specialized markets as well. They are also Sugar, Gluten and Lactose free as well as 100% Vegan.
Connect with us right away so we can talk about low minimums, consignment, and other ways that will make it easy for you to incorporate Hamsa into your dispensary.